Jeff was born in San Francisco in 1951, and lived all along the coast, down as far as San Clemente and Bonsall, and back-and-forth to Tucson and St. David, AZ. He is currently mobile, living the life of a gypsy nomad in a fifth wheel, with his partner Valerie. Jeff has been a Jack-of-all-trades, with a mastery of at least a few! In College, and in his early career, he was in direct sales and sales training. This taught him human understanding. His experience in Construction, and mechanics, taught him about the physical world and how to manage it better. As a Government Loan Specialist, Architectural Design Draftsman, Nondenominational Pastor, Transformational Speaker, Hypnotherapist and Coach, he has broadened his perspectives and his skills.


Personal / Business:

His passion as a speaker lead him into a unique and effective communication method. He teaches how to recognize the “language” someone else is speaking to themselves, in their own mind, and how to speak that language immediately. Then…how to merge that into true experiences, life paths, and subconscious desires, simply by listening to speech patterns. Jeff says; “All our decisions, are emotionally motivated, and when we speak directly into that emotion, we can easily satisfy the needs of others. Our friends, relatives, children, partners, and customers, know that we care, as we speak into their core. Our relationships grow and deepen effortlessly, as we learn and practice, with a more clear and connected communication, with the deepest of understanding. "If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. But when you teach him how to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.” This method can be taught, with a few hours of concentrated instruction, and it will be mastered, in time, with every conversation from now on.


With that in mind, he will also help you design your home to satisfy your personal tastes and desires, and in keeping with your lifestyle and architecture. Jeff says; “I want your home to function as effortlessly as possible, and any changes made, to look and feel like they were born with the house."


While On The Road



Jeff owns a F350 dually, with a 6.7 diesel, and will haul almost anything, almost anywhere. The truck is already set-up with a fifth wheel hitch (not a gooseneck), and can haul anything up to 26,000 pounds: Boat, RV, car trailer, trash trailer, anything that will hitch up…

"I’ll move it a few feet, or couple thousand miles. So if your truck is down, mine is available and I’m happy to help."



What do you want your audience or staff to take with intense feeling of loyalty, honesty, productive teamwork, creative innovation, improved morale?

How would you like to have the perspective and tools, to create an environment that increases, not only the productivity of the company, but the quality of life for every individual?

Imagine for a moment, that you were the inspiration, to help people find their core values and realize their greatest potential.

Let's open conversation right now, for continuous and provocative growth.

What makes a speaker powerful, transformational and memorable?

A speaker with the courage to expose the pain and the passion, with experience in championing difficult times and thoroughly enjoying the best of times, with grace, optimism and a deep desire to share tools of success and light that fire in your heart and keep it burning...that's the speaker I want to hear right now!

A powerful speaker is the one who can teach and inspire, with simple, sustainable and duplicable techniques which one can take into life for will.

Are you ready to co-create a powerful, transformational and memorable event?

Speaker Training

How will it feel to know you have been liberated to express the greatness you were created to be?

Are you afraid of speaking from "stage?"

I will teach you how to transform your fear into raging fuel, for a supercharged presentation! ... then cool confidence, on your command.

Captivate your audience and deliver your message with power and content, that will stick to them and be used for many years. Leave your legacy of passion, in the minds and on the hearts of those whom you serve!

Are you a seasoned speaker already?

Let's fine-tune that, already great, presentation with a renewed awareness of your true purpose. Your delivery will come from the gut and from a heart of transparency and a truth which cannot be denied!

Learn what the masters have practiced for years, as well as the new techniques of body language, voice and language patterns, NLP and presence."

You will be distinguished as one of the elites. Not complacent in the dull familiarity of mediocrity, but daring to explore the challenging and exciting possibilities of greatness.

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Jeff is a California licensed building contractor (Lic. No. B930428.) With over thirty years' experience, there’s little he hasn’t tackled. Now in semi-retirement, he’s a great handyman, and specializes in Sound-Proofing, space management, new as well as remodel design, and will customizing the layout to your lifestyle, architecture and personal taste.

Take a look:



Are you ready to celebrate the Rest of your Life?

To unite two extraordinary people who have found each other, is a rare and precious moment...a time for exciting new beginnings and should be taken seriously. And seriously fun!

I like to get to know your personalities, desires, intentions, hearts and souls. It's been said that I have a calming presence and bring an easy fluidity to the process. This is one of the most important days of your life. The experience of your wedding, tends to set the tone carried forward, into your marriage. Let's make it spectacular!

With or without me as your officiant, may I encourage you that the details are far less important than the experience of the celebration you create, with your love and joy.

Explanation: How many weddings have you been to in the last five years?

Do you remember the color of the flowers?...The meal?...The table decorations?

Right, neither will anyone else. They will remember the look in your eyes for one another, the fun they had and the fun YOU had! Make it amazing...just like you!

BTW...You'll be so delightfully nervous, that you won't remember a word you said. So I'll send you a copy that you can keep for future moments of nostalgic pleasure for you and your children, grandchildren, friends and loved ones. May you be thankful, grateful and delighted, that in all the world, you are the one your mate has chosen!

I wish you all the goodness life has to offer!!

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